Pavers Patio, Steps, Wall, Poolscape


Paver Project Gallery

Cobblestone Patio, Fire Pit & Poolscape

LaPlata, MD

EP Henry Chestnut Cobblestone pavers in the Random pattern with a 6" x 6" border course. EP Henry Cobblestone Chestnut paver patio with a 10 ft diameter circular design and a 6" x 6" border course. Installation of (1) 16 ft long 24" high Rustic Chestnut columns using 6" corner units and Devonstone Bluestone pier caps. Installation of a 21" high Pewter Blend Fire Pit.


Paver Patio, Fire Pit & Sitting Walls

Hollywood, MD

Installation of a 725 sq ft EP Henry Golden Dakota & Harvest Blend Bristol Stone Cube I paver patio in the "Random" pattern with a 6" x 9" HB Brown soldier border course. Installation of (4) steps constructed using various length Rustic Chestnut wall units for the riser and caps exiting the patio. Installation of multiple sitting walls constructed using various length Rustic Chestnut wall units and caps separated by (2) columns. Installation of a 21" high Dakota Blend Fire Pit with a 48" outside diameter, 30.5" inside diameter and Devonstone caps. Installation of (25) Thermal Full Color Flagstone 36" wide x 18" long x 1.5" thick spaced with 10" of grass in between leading from the front walkway to the back steps.


Paver Patio

Hollywood, MD

Installation of EP Henry Golden Maple Bristol Stone Cube I & II paver patio in the "Random" pattern with a Chesapeake 6x9 border. - Installation of (1) platform and (3) Steps using Chesapeake Rustic various length 6" wall units for the risers and caps.


Cobble Paver Walkway

California, MD

EP Henry walkway using Harvest Blend Old Towne Cobble pavers in the modified herringbone pattern with a (6" x 6") border. Installation of an EP Henry Terrace Wall constructed using Harvest Blend Terrace wall units and caps surrounding the pond.


Cobblestone Paver Walkway

Mechanicsville, MD

Installation of 194 sq ft EP Henry PA Fieldstone Mesa Verde flats and corners across the porch foundation and front of the house first floor. EP Henry Earth Cobblestone paver walkway constructed in a randon pattern with a 6" x 6" border course leading from the steps to the circle. Installation of a 5 ft diameter Compass Rose in the middle of the circle kit.